What is Smile Makeover in West Perth?

What is Smile Makeover

Cosmetic and dental procedure(s) that redefine the appearance of teeth, lips and cheeks is known as a smile makeover. Smile makeovers can be performed for different reasons and maybe customized according to individual requirements. There are some common aspects that are considered in a patient before performing a smile makeover, including:

Skin tone

Facial appearance

Teeth details – position, length, colour, shape, and width


Gum Tissue

What is Smile Makeover

Types of Cosmetic Services Used by Our West Perth Dentists to Give You A Smile Makeover:

Teeth Whitening

This is a non-invasive and painless process that helps rectify discoloured teeth making them whiter and cleaner.

Dental Implants

They are metal fixtures that provide support to a dental prosthetic.

Porcelain Veneers

This improves your smile by giving your teeth a new shape, colour, or size.


Crowns and Bridges

The process offers a permanent set of custom-created teeth for someone with no teeth at all or severely damaged teeth.

Invisalign/Clear Aligners

This treatment helps in straightening teeth

Dental Bonding

Fixes gaps, chips, or stains on the teeth

Composite Veneers

Corrects mispositioned jaw and teeth

Gum Recontouring

A cosmetic procedure that helps change the shape of excessively exposed gums or receded gums.

Types of Cosmetic Services Used by Our Dentists to Give a Smile Makeover in West Perth

What Type of Dental Issues Can be Fixed by a Smile Makeover?

Types of Cosmetic Services Used by Our Dentists to Give a Smile Makeover in West Perth

A smile makeover can improve your overall life in several ways. It doesn’t just change the way you smile but also reveals a more confident you. From leaving positive first impressions to looking confident and from enjoying good oral health to relishing a more social life, there are many benefits you can experience after a smile makeover. All the cosmetic and dental treatments at Advent Dental Studio are performed at the hands of experts with years of experience. Some of the dental issues that our amazing dentists can fix include:

Crowded Teeth

Gaps Between Teeth

Gummy Smile

Discoloured Teeth

Old and Out-dated Dental Equipment

Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Teeth

Missing Teeth

What Can Smile Makeover in West Perth Cost Me?

What Can Smile Makeover in West Perth Cost Me

The cost of a smile makeover may depend on the type of treatment(s) you need to undergo, as suggested by our dentist. Depending on your condition or requirement, you may have to undergo just a single treatment or multiple treatments. Every treatment is priced differently. For instance, teeth whitening will cost you between $380 and $700 on average, whereas our dental veneers average between $3.5K and $6.5K, dental implants $950-$1.1k, and crowns $1.3K-$1.6K.

What Can Smile Makeover in West Perth Cost Me

Get Your Dream Smile at Advent Dental Studio in 3 Simple Steps

Your enhanced smile is just 3 steps away. Once you walk into our clinic, you will be treated for your dental issues by some of the most experienced and caring dentists and experts. We follow a 3 steps easy procedure

Dental Consultation

Dental consultation

Dental Consultation

We will set up an appointment with our West Perth dentist, who will analyse your condition to determine the treatment(s) that will fix your issue or/and fulfil your requirement of a better smile.

Design, Trial and Preview

2. Design, Trial and Preview

Design, Trial and Preview

Based on your requirement, our dentist will custom-create the best treatment for you. Our advanced software also allows you to see a preview of how you would look with the smile that you have designed along with our West Perth dentist. You can request the dentist to make changes if any.

Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

Depending on the treatment(s) that you may have to undergo, it may take just a single or several visits before you can have your improved smile. For instance, teeth whitening is an in-chair treatment that takes less than an hour to complete; however, procedures like dental implants require more time.

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